Material:Pedagogy:Future’s first provocation event brought together a small group of individuals from across the globe to critically appraise current pedagogical practices and speculate on their relationship to art making, art works, societies and cultures more broadly. Invited guests were asked to be in conversation with guest(s) of their own choosing and to share their unrehearsed discussions with MPF.

This series of closed, unrehearsed conversations was held with Prof. Magnus Quaife (University of the Arts, Helsinki), Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre (Universidad de la República, Uruguay), Dr Gurnam Singh (Coventry University) and their respective invited guests. The discussions were focused around the question:

Post pandemic, how can we imagine, critique, and challenge conceptions of art in the future without confronting the hierarchies, systems, structures, and relations which form its present?

The following guests took part in these rich and important conversations:

​​-    Prof. Magnus Quiafe (Professor of Fine Art Pedagogy at KuvA, Uniarts Helsinki) with Jaana Erkkilä-Hill (Vice Rector for Research at the University of the Arts Helsinki) and Annie Davey (artist researcher and teacher at UCL Institute of Education).

–    Dr Gurnam Singh (Principal Lecturer in Social Work at Coventry University and Visiting Professor of Social Work at the University of Chester) and Dr Luca Morini (Research Associate at the Centre for Global Learning Education and Attainment at Coventry University).

–    Ana Laura López de la Torre (artist, writer and educator based in Uruguay), Rosalie Schweiker ( a conceptual artist based in London), Taniel Morales (a visual artist with training in mathematics and music), and Anna Colin (an independent curator, educator and researcher based in Kent).


Event programme

Transcript – please email MPF to request a copy of the Transcript

Recording of event:

Watch the event Trailer Part 1 on Vimeo

Watch the event Trailer Part 2 on Vimeo

Image credit: N.Kidd/J.Addison