Inventory of Behaviours

June 2023: Hosted by @magnusquaife at UniArts Helsinki supported by the Kuno network

 #inventoryofbehaviours  Natasha Kidd with @kelly_at_large in collaboration with @joaddisonartist @nwtinstruct @jendunseath worked with students from Finland, Norway and Denmark to scrutinise the behaviours of artists and ask what can we learn from the way they ‘work’ with a focus on productivity, space, the body and wellbeing.

Inventory of Behaviours is a research project that investigates what the ordinary behaviours of artists can tell us about creativity. It is developed by artists/senior lecturers Jo Addison (Kingston University) and Natasha Kidd (Bath Spa University) in collaboration with Freelands Foundation.

Jo Addison & Natasha Kidd work collaboratively as No Working Title. The events they curate explore the dialogic relationships between making and learning; they expose learning as form.

Inventory of Behaviours

Image credit: N.Kidd K.Large 2023