Natasha Kidd

Situated within the expanded field of painting Natasha makes automated paintings systems or machines. This practice-based research emerges out of a desire to make visible the process, action and event of paint itself and to place the viewer directly inside production. These ideas formed the basis for her doctoral project at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University, which looked at these automated painting systems and exposed the learning that takes place through the making process. The undoing of an object as a strategy for learning in Fine Art takes the form of an instruction manual. Natasha works with Jo Addison as part of No Working Title, their work together includes projects such as Inventory of Behaviours, a project that explores the patterns and procrastinations of artists. Natasha lives and works in Bath. Exhibitions include: De-coincidence, Yo- Chang Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, Painting in Time, School of The Art Institute Chicago and the Tetley Leeds, Test Run, Modern Art Oxford, In With the New, Camden Arts Centre London, Machine Aesthetic, Transition Gallery, London and The Art of White, The Lowry Manchester. She is Subject Leader in Art at Bath School of Art, Film and Media.