Katrine Hjelde

Katrine Hjelde is an artist, lecturer, curator and researcher. She is Head of Department at The Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art, University of Bergen.

As an artist she exhibits in Great Britain and Europe. She collaborates with Oslo based b+r architects, where outputs include the permanent Holocaust Exhibition at Villa Grande, Oslo. Further collaborations include FLΔG collective, a group of artists, researchers and art students who explore the relationship between art practices, art education, and pedagogy, looking at forms of knowledge production and dissemination in the art school and beyond.

Katrine’s PhD ‘Constructing a Reflective Site: Practice between art and pedagogy in the art school’ considers the relationship between art practice and teaching through a critical examination of reflection in art, in pedagogy and in philosophy. Post PhD, she was awarded an AHRC Cultural Collaboration Grant which enabled further expansion of the research connecting the art educational institution with other cultural bodies like publicly funded galleries. Ongoing research focuses on the student exhibition, the role of the art school in society and developing critical connections between the art school and society.